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Brochure: Retrofit Vertical Stack Fan Coil

Learn more about the configurations, benefits and installation process of a retrofit vertical stack fan coil with this brochure. This download explores the features for homeowners and buildings and lists in detail all of the equipment included with a retrofit solution.

Video: Retrofit Fan Coil Installation Overview

Watch this brief video outlining the benefits of replacing your vertical fan coil with a retrofit solution and what the installation process looks like. This video demonstrates how clean and quick the installation process is – watch it now. Please note the process has been sped up for this video.

Video: Unilux Retrofit Solution Installation Tutorial

See the step-by-step process of installing a retrofit vertical fan coil. This video highlights all of the important steps for proper installation. From start to finish, this video has everything covered. If you’re installing a retrofit vertical fan coil, this is a must-see!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your retrofit vertical fan coil questions with our frequently asked questions and answers. We’ve compiled the top questions from building managers, condo boards, engineers and residents and answered them in detail. If you have a question we don’t have an answer to, please contact us.

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Scope of Work & Product Information

Review the entire scope of work for installing a retrofit vertical stack fan coil solution. This in-depth guide explains every step of the installation process and Unilux RFC’s responsibilities. It also includes a complete list of all the products and components included in a retrofit fan coil.


Warranty Information

Review and download our product warranty details here.