Our retrofit vertical fan coil solutions are designed and manufactured using the same high-quality materials and expertise as our original construction solutions. We apply the same quality standards and testing to ensure a long-lasting unit that will provide home comfort for many years.

Step 1: Drain Pan

We manufacture the drain pan to create a water-tight seal in order to prevent water from entering the rest of the cabinet or suite.

Retrofit Fan Coil Drain Pan - Front
Empty Retrofit Vertical Fan Coil Cabinet

Step 2: Fan Coil Housing

The stainless-steel housing is formed into the required shape and size for the application. The housing is then insulated with the same closed-cell insulation used on the drain pan to reduce the overall noise of the retrofit unit. Next, we install the re-mounting bracket and mark the safest places to fasten screws.

Step 3: Coil

We select the most appropriate coil for the specified job from our coil offerings. Coils supports are then attached to the coil to provide sturdy mounting hardware for attaching the coil to the housing. We then determine the orientation of the coil based on specifications and attach a 2-way or 3-way control valve – again depending on the specification.

Coil Assembly
Retrofit Fan Coil Cabinet and Coil

Step 4: Final Assembly

The last steps at our facility are installing the cabinet into the housing and sealing the front of the drain to the face of the cabinet. The retrofit is then inspected, paired with a blower and prepared to ship.

Unilux RFC retrofit fan coils are fully ETL approved and backed by a standard 2-year warranty.